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April, 2016

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Three one-line haiku in issue 4 of ‘Otata’ 🙂


otata 4

Hansha Teki, vincent tripi, Jeanne Martin, Guliz Vural, Alan Summers, Tom Montag, Shloka Shankar, Helen Buckingham, Chad Robinson, Aditya Bahl, David J. Kelly, Kim Dorman, F.J. Seligson

F.J. Seligson on Ed Baker


KUBLAI: I do not know when you have had time to visit all the countries you describe to me. It seems to me you have never moved from this garden.

POLO: Everything I see and do assumes meaning in a mental space where the same calm reigns as here, the same penumbra, the same silence streaked by the rustling of leaves.At the moment when I concentrate and reflect, I find myself again, always, in this garden, at this hour of the evening…


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We Turn Back into Pumpkins

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The rent of seem is a romantic construct, freedoms afforded by a tedious collection of hours. Every finger is a toe, a blip in the earth’s time (just so long and long enough). I’m a wom…

Source: We Turn Back into Pumpkins


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Asemic prose + haiku published in ‘the other bunny’, edited by Johannes S. H. Bjerg 🙂

the other bunny

Mirrors _ Shankar– Shloka Shankar

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My poem, ‘Etymology’ published by Silver Birch Press in their ‘All About My Name’ series 🙂

Silver Birch Press

by Shloka Shankar

Wikipedia traces my name
back to its origins:

“song,” from the root śru, “hear”

Shloka forms the basis
for the Indian epic verse.

But my aunt just named
me after her classmate.

They thought it was unique
(ironically) at the time.

Since then, my name has been
grossly mispronounced, misspelled,
and shortened to hideous lengths.
(Yes, I noticed the oxymoron, too.)

And then there are times when
a look in my direction is all there is;

or I become the silence in a room
where I’m not wanted.

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON THE PHOTOGRAPH: This photo was taken on my 26th birthday in Bangalore, India (23 May, 2015).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shloka Shankar (b. 1989) is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. A contributing author in over two dozen international anthologies, her poems have recently appeared in A Hundred Gourds, moongarlic e-zine, Jaggery, Literary Orphans…

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An erasure/found haibun published in ‘the other bunny’ 🙂

the other bunny

Saṃsāra _ Shankar final

over and above myself myself

– Shloka Shankar

Source:‘Person-to-Person’ by Tennessee Williams

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A Selection of Tanka

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ruches of pink

ruffle the setting sun . . .

you look at me

one last time before

saying goodbye

-First published in Atlas Poetica, cusp of dawn – 25 Indian poets, Ed. by Kala Ramesh, November 2014


the breath

of autumn on my cheek

a year later

it feels the same

without you

-First published in red lights, January 2015


a solitary

star burns brighter

than the rest…

the story of my life

in these constellations

-First published in Moonbathing, Issue #11, 2014


a blue sky

bursts into silence…

these aches

feel so familiar now

as I let them go

-First published in Frameless Sky, Issue #1, 2014


a woodpecker

drumming in the woods…

this constant

reminder to chop down


-First published in Undertow Tanka Review, Issue #3, 2014



along the beach…

I ask myself

questions only you

can answer

-First published in Undertow Tanka Review, Issue #3, 2014


winter dusk

exhales a poem…

I do not

sit on monuments

waiting for my muse

– First published in Undertow Tanka Review, Issue #3, 2014


shades of grey

paint thunderstorm clouds…

is it folly

to think that this too

shall pass?

-First published in The Bamboo Hut, 2014


a jaundiced moon

looks down upon me tonight…

when will I

stop comparing myself

to the others?

-First published in A Hundred Gourds, December 2014


under the elm

I count broken promises

by rote…

learning to unlearn

each one of them

-First published in the Undertow Tanka Review, Issue #1, August 2014


rainbow hued kites

dot the sky…

deep inside

a longing bursts forth

in search of him

-Won Third Prize in the DIOGEN Spring Contest, 2014



of woodland creatures…

I realize

how futile it is

to grow up

-First published in bottle rockets, Issue #31, August 2014


the place

where you and I

seldom meet

I’ve heard

the grass is greener

-First published in bottle rockets, Issue #31, August 2014


yellowed leaves

rustle under my feet…

losing sight

of myself, I wander

into myself

-First published in red lights, June 2014