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Preview : Rendezvous

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Special updates

Rendezvous :

The year had begun quite perplexingly. Things had taken a turn for the worse when we decided that we would not see each other again. I did not know if I had made the right decision. But now, a month later, as fate would have it, I had reluctantly acceded to his request. My head was a whirlwind of thoughts that made me writhe anxiously, as I twiddled my fingers in expectation of his arrival.

I wondered if he would show up at all. We had decided that he would to go to office during the latter half of the day, while I would bunk college and sneak out of the house in the morning. We wished to meet and resolve our differences and abate the monster within me. I had grown to believe that breaking up was the right thing to do, while he assured me it was not.

At five to 8.00, I saw him emerge from the main road as he sharply turned towards the spot where my car was awkwardly parked. The engine was humming under the bonnet while my heart raced. I had almost forgotten how he looked. Often, rash behaviour and unkind words don’t erase themselves easily. Mine was a conscious effort to forget him and move on. His, was to apologise and never let me go.

It was a game that my heart and mind were playing –  a game which got the better of me. I cringed as I saw him smile, and realized how badly things had changed in so little time. He was trying to be himself, while I felt like a nervous ferret that was about to be exterminated.

The previous evening, it was….

Cover- Chronicles of Urban Nomads

Brief review by Winged Post :
Rendezvous by Shloka Shankar is an ordinary tale made extra-ordinary by her powerful narration. The scene described in the story could have happened in anyone’s life. Yet, the thoughts and ideas expressed by the pair in the story and the issues concerning relationships dealt in the story make this an interesting read. It is the author’s skill that has brought out the story well.

The Chronicles of Urban Nomads is a book that is not to be missed. True, there are innumerable anthologies cramming the market. However, COUN stands out for the multitude of emotions, issues, cultures and genres brought in a single book. And that is a treasure worth its weight in gold!

The book is available on flipkart as well as amazon.
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