A rasika...

Bio: Shloka Shankar (b. 1989) is a freelance writer and poet residing in Bangalore, India. She holds a master’s degree in English Literature, and turned to creative writing and poetry in her twentieth year. She is a contributing author in over two dozen international anthologies including Chronicles of Urban Nomads, The Dance of the Peacock, Traversal of Lines, Family Matters, The Living Haiku Anthology, Eastern Voices, Emanations IV, Celebrating India, and publications by Paragram, Silver Birch Press, Minor Arcana Press, Harbinger Asylum, Kind of a Hurricane Press and Writing Knights Press among others. Shloka’s free verse poems have been published in the following online journals such as, Wordweavers, Writers Asylum, The Literary Yard, Urban Confustions, Whispers, VerseWrights, Miracle e-zine, Café Dissensus, Spirit Caller Magazine, Ofi Press Mexico, Wicked Banshee Press, Otoliths, RA Poetics, Calliope Magazine, Poetry WTF?!, Visual Verse, Jaggery, The Mind[less] Muse, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and others. She has found truest poetic expression in Japanese verse forms like haiku, tanka, haiga and haibun, and has seen her works published in some of the leading haiku and tanka journals. She also enjoys creating found/erasure visual poetry art when combating writer’s block! Her new-found interest lies in asemic writing. When not writing, she busies herself in editing the tri-annual literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom.

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